Creating true quality of life

Found in 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand, Lunique’s experience and growth mindset are built on across country real estate business know-how over long years.

The call for easy life has come due to rapid urbanization, degradation on the planet, the turbulent global situation and disruptions on quality of life, thus it is our mission to create simple high quality, sustainable, enjoyable and long-term property solutions to home owners, investors and business partners. Create the best harbor of refuge for you.
Lunique strives to facilitate the urban regentrification and betterment of living.

Company’s message

Creating innovative property developments that are always people driven

Creating innovative property developments that are always people-driven. With registered capital of 800 million baht. Lunique is strategical by Khun Uradee, the major stakeholder in the company, with a mission to create innovative property developments that are always people-driven.

The development vision of Lunique Group is to become a “public, professional, high-quality, leading” real estate development operator and new investment operator. Lunique is determined to become a market leader in international real estate and new industries.

On February 15, 2021, Lunique Real Estate CEO Ms. Uradee Kunkiratiyut signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Banyan Tree Group to co-develop the new project “Skypark Lucean Pattaya”. Relevant persons in charge of both parties witnessed the signing ceremony. This strategic cooperation is essential for Lunique Real Estate Group to introduce world-renowned hotel brands, expand new businesses in leisure and vacation, and improve comprehensive service functions in Pattaya, Thailand. “Skypark” is a brand of Banyan Tree Group, that provide residents peace of mind with affordable live-in condominiums that add convenience and style to tropical living.

On December 2022,Lunique Real Estate Co., Ltd will be launch the new metaverse project “VIRIUM” with Ionia Lab. Virium is the world’s first mixed-reality metaverse project exploring the realms of community, real estate, and virtual worlds to redefine how utility could be achieved within crypto and NFT space.

Our values


We strive towards common goals and culture that’s inspiring and creating true fulfillment in life


We are a part of communities in rehabilitating and developing the surrounding environment, as well as smooth collaboration with our valuable partners.


We strive to sustain the beautiful nature surrounding to co-exist with our development projects



Banyan Tree, one of the world’s leading international operators of resorts, residences and Spas brand. With attentive yet discreet service and associates representing more than 50 nationalities, Banyan Tree Group provide naturally-luxurious, ecological, culturally-sensitive experiences.

Now, Banyan Tree Group operators in the hospitality and spa industry that manages more than 48 resorts and hotels, 64 spas, 74 retail galleries and three championship golf courses in 28 countries. The philosophy behind the brand is based on rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul. The same ethos unfolds at the group’s private residences with all the respective Banyan Tree, Angsana, Cassia, and Laguna brands within the group now offering exclusive properties in an ever-expanding range of desirable destinations including China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, and beyond. Future plans will see the property portfolio expand to yet more inspiring locations.

Owners who buy into the Banyan Tree Group’s properties enjoy far more than top quality design, bricks and mortar to call home. The Group’s signature property program – The Sanctuary Club – offers a chance to enjoy a luxury lifestyle and explore a range of new destinations and experiences. Delve into the historic Medina from a private historic riad in Marrakech, or feel the excitement in the air seep into your veins and flow through your being at a pool villa island resort in the Maldives. Sanctuary Club owners are recognized with special privileges and enjoy unique experiences with an extensive range of discounts and benefits offered throughout Banyan Tree Group properties worldwide.



2021 Dec, Lunique Real Estate Co., Ltd launched the new metaverse project “VIRIUM” with Ionia Lab.

Virium is the world’s first mixed-reality metaverse project exploring the reals of community, real estate, and virtual worlds to redefine how utility could be achieved within crypto and NFT space.

In Phase 1, Virium plans to achieve “Digital Twins,” which essentially means the digital reflection of the physical world, inspired by physical architecture and the world around us. In phase 2, “Digital Origins,” Virium will focus on building digital originals. Building a world on our digital platform with PGC and UGC integrations. And in Phase 3, Virium would like to create the “Dual worlds” in the previous two phases, Virium brought things from the physical to the virtual and created a new virtual world. In phase 3, Virium would like to bring the contents created in the digital platform into the real world and vice versa, Bridging the gap between our physical experience with the virtual experience. 


Lunique believes that the metaverse needs a strong and relatable connection with the physical world. We would like to offer both physical life experiences and virtual life experiences to our members.

The metaverse is designed by Ionia lab and inspired by Lunique’s condominium project “Lucean”. The virtual Virium will contain three parts, “Tower,” which corresponds to the project “Lucean”, “Island,” a public area built by Virium for Citizens to interact and connect, where we will create Digital Origins here. “The Undercity” is a freeland which links to other portals.

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